Current job offers

Current job offers



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Mobile Game Designer

What we require:

  • limitless Imagination and creativity, entailed by initiative going above and beyond the call of duty,
  • ability to create and share a clear and coherent vision and having the means to make it loved by the rest of the team,
  • proper knowledge of the gaming industry, including the newest trends and solutions,
  • knowledge concerning the process of creating video games,
  • ability to create high-quality documentation,
  • ability to work in a team without any problems communication-wise,
  • good knowledge of the English language,

Your responsibilities:

  • preparing the projects, together with their concept documentation,
  • co-creating the project, starting from the very idea and going through the whole development process,
  • testing the products.

Optional requirements:

  • knowledge concerning game balance,
  • knowledge concerning game balance,
  • ability to create concept sketches,
  • knowledge of game editors and script languages,
  • portfolio of your completed projects.

What we offer:

  • working within an experienced team, surrounded by an incredible atmosphere,
  • flexible work schedules,
  • an attractive and motivating salary,
  • rich possibilities of further self-development.
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